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Sandblasting Abrasives / Sand – Pricelist

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Pytheas Group offers more than 17 types of blasting material in different sizes so please consult us before ordering.

Buy Sandblasting Media Online in our E-shop!

There are no discounts availiable for less than full pallets of material.

For under 40 bags of required sandblasting media, our prices and media are availiable in our online store here.

Shipping as low as 3.5 euros per bag to Athens. is Pytheas Group’s e-shop for sandblasting media.

Bulk Purchases of Sandblasting Media

40 x 25kg. bags (1 pallet) or more +

For abrasives prices contact us through phone all working days from:

09:00 – 17:00 

+30 2693072102

Our personnel will assist you in finding the right type and quantity of the material you need based on the nature of your project.

The cost estimation depends upon others on the quantity ordered, the destination site, the packaging type, the material type. Many users tend to end up paying more on materials of the wrong type.


All our blasting material consist  in < 1% ελεύθερα  κρυσταλλικά πυρίτια in accordance with the European Sandblasting Regulation directives.

Pytheas Group Πάτρα : το κέντρο για κάθε ανάγκη αμμοβολής