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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our mobile workshop is open every day by making site repairs in masonry, industrial sites, municipal infrastructure, marinas, boatyards, shipyards etc. The extra charge for moving the workshop off Patras is € 0.33 / km + toll + accommodation expenses when the restoration lasts more than one day. In any case, we offer a full cost analysis of your workshop’s travel costs
No. Quartz sand contains free silica that is hazardous to the health of the user. All sandblasting materials we use or sell are accompanied by the MSDS Safety Datasheet where their composition is certified and their safety for the user using the appropriate precautionary measures.
Yes. Get a phone and join in the growing network of stores that feature the sought-after A1 ALUMINUM FIREPLACE
Yes. In our shop there is a workshop for restorations and everyday small items (such as bicycles, aluminum wheels, accessories, etc.) come in for the blasting cabin or large ones (such as containers, chassis, boats, industrial equipment, wood etc). ) for open sandblasting and / or watering, watering, hydraulic sanding, special blasting.

Yes. With all methods. Brush, roller, HVLP paint gun, Airless paint gun. We use industrial paint systems according to ISO 12944 of STANCOLAC with which we have a partnership or with any other company of your choice. We do not have an electrostatic paint cabin but we can serve you through our partner network.

Yes. Our shop runs from 09:00 to 17:00 daily and we can buy all our products directly from our warehouses
Yes you can. There are now blasting guns at the tool shops at very good prices. It is also possible to add a sand suction nozzle to convert a washing machine into a water hammer machine. In our telephone center we provide consulting assistance for these applications and in our warehouses we have the appropriate consumables
The company with its many years of experience has all the pieces of the puzzle in order to compose a viable business plan for blasting services. Complete equipment, with peripherals and supplies, training, service pricing guide, partner networking and ongoing guidance and support
From our long experience we have come to the conclusion that the best sandblasting material for the average user is the Coal Slag Aluminum Silicon. From the various granulometries it is compatible with the most sandblasting systems (hand blasting gun, suction machine for sand blasting booth, sandblasting bin, water hammer bin) is that of ALUMINUM A1 ALUMINUM which is now available from Pytheas Group in a network of branches all over the country but is also shipped from warehouses Pytheas Group upon telephone consultation. Find your nearest store now by clicking here