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Meet The People

 Who we are and how we can help you. Α quick introduction to the team

Dimitri A. Tyrosvoutis (General Manager)


Graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2006 with a double-major Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy and Pre-Early Modern Literature.

From 2005 to 2008 he worked at the CEMEX  (Davenport Cement Plant) initially as a Kiln Inspector progressing to Control Room Operator. There he gained extensive technical experience in the cement and granular materials.

In 2008 he joint Pytheas Group. A native English speaker spearheads our research and closely works with our affiliate companies, large projects and clientele.

He conducts viability of projects, investigates and tests grit blasting materials and surface protection coatings, constantly adopting to world standards! 


Adonis A. Tyrosvoutis (CEO)

In 1973 he graduated from the “Central School of London” with a degree in Business Management and Marketing. Served the Greek Military as a graphics and aerial photographer.
A dual citizen (Greek/US). In the US he lived and worked in the Silicon Valley where in 1979 he established “Anchor Auto Body” shop as an owner and managed Sales and Production departments. Business was sold in 2002 and is still operational under new management.
His knowledge and certification extend to all aspects in the restoration Industry. 

Nikos Moustaki (Assistant Manager)

Mr Moustaki, a mechanical Engineer, manages Offers and Research of all Company’s Projects.

With ten years of experience in trading, engineering studies, seven years in heavy industry and with an excellent knowledge of English (colloquial and technical terminology) he is the connecting link of production with our customers. 

Panagiotis Panagopoulos (Sales, Orders & Purchases Director )

Mr Panagopoulos manages the Sales and Orders Fulfillment. With over 7 years of experience in Stock Management, a degree in Economic Science and an excellent knowledge of English and Italian languages, he makes up as a strong Team member.

Thanassis Kakavoulas (Technical Supervisor)

Mr. Kakavoulas is in charge of the provision of technical services, coordinating and participating in it.


With more than ten years in the maintenance of heavy machinery and fishing vessels, six years in industrial construction and CNC and seven years in sandblasting, he is the backbone of our Technical Department.

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