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Custom Sandblaster Assembly

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The Pytheas Group has facilities fully equipped with ramps, forklifts, all the right tools and experience to assemble the exact blasting package that you need.Combining the impressive gamut of products from The Farrow System, Norexco and Rotair, we are prepared to create blasting systems that don’t even exist yet on the market!!
We design and fabricate chassis, trailers, hose reels and mounting platforms custom to the needs of our customers. No matter what kind of surface restoration business you intent to start, we have designs and packages that will get your blasting business off the ground and making money.

The options are vast, but here are some examples of potential portable blasting packages:

  • Slurry blasting unit powered by portable electric compressor on a trailer.
  • A three-ton truck equipped with extra-large duty (250 CFM+) diesel compressor powering a double head unit capable of powering two blasters for double the production.
  • A complete, compact package that can easily be lifted on and off a pickup truck.
  • A complete and autonomous surface restoration two ton truck equipped with high powered pressure washer, airless paint spray system and a slurry, softblast or traditional sandblaster all in one.
  • And of course the more typical setups of a two-ton truck or basic trailer with a single blasting unit of any type powered by a compressor of appropriate output.

For further customization of your unit, The Pytheas Group offers the following options:

  • Protective quarter inch steel utility cage for the blasting unit.
  • Stainless or galvanized steel hose reels.
  • Stainless steel upgrade for water tank (with automatic shutoff valve for fillup and water level indicator)
  • Custom utility rack for the truck.
  • Air dryer built into compressor.
  • Hydraulic power output from compressor.
  • Generator for electric output from compressor.
  • Moisture separators for the head units.
  • Heat-Exchanger upgrade for eligible units.
  • Oil bypass heating system for compressors destined for cold climates.