Sand Blasting & Pressure Washing Service

The Pytheas Group provides wet or dry sandblasting services at your location or at our own facilities. Our blasting service can be tailored to your application by using wet or dry and high or low pressure methods to achieve the exact result specified by the customer. We also provide low and high pressure water blasting services to compliment our abrasive blasting. We only use certifiably environmentally safe blasting media.

Sandblasting Supplies & Equipment Sales

Pytheas Group carries a large line of equipment from the best manufactures in the business. We make our product catalog available online via our Sandblasting Supplies.EU website. SandBlastingSupplies.EU is Europe's premier supplier of quality sandblasting equipment and supplies! We bring the best sandblasting equipment at the best prices to Europe!

Custom Built Sandblasting Systems

The Pytheas Group has facilities fully equipped with ramps, forklifts, all the right tools and experience to assemble the exact blasting package that you need. We design and fabricate chassis, trailers, hose reels and mounting platforms custom to the needs of our customers. No matter what kind of surface restoration business you intent to start, we have designs and packages that will get your blasting business off the ground and making money.

Sandblasting & Equipment Rentals

Please contact us now to request a quotation for a rental unit or call now about our rental options.

Do you have blasting projects or contracts but don't want to spend the cash on buying a unit?

Why not rent a portable blasting unit from Pytheas Group?

We have affordable options that will put the appropriate blasting unit in your hands without committing you to buying the unit.

It is required to pass a training program with us in order to be eligible to rent a blasting system.This is as much for the safety of the user as the safety of the machine itself. Furthermore, although our machines are easy to operate, there is a learning curve and with the proper training almost all users will experience far greater efficiency and safety.

Upon completion of training, Pytheas Group awards a certificate which certifies you as a trained and qualified user of that blasting unit/method.  Our certificates are backed by the headquarters of The Farrow System  in the U.S.A. and Norexco of France respectively.

All rentals require a deposit equal to 15% of the retail value of the machine, unless another amount is agreed upon by special arrangement.