The Pytheas Group is proud to present our projects pages. Every month we undertake dozens of projects, ranging from restoration of automotive chassis and anti fouling removal on a 40 meter yacht, to just removal of rust from household tools.

Within this area of our website, we have photos, videos and descriptions of many of our projects, which we hope can give you as a customer the insight and confidence to choose us for your blasting needs, or as a potential partner and help you open your own business into new markets.

This area of our website is the best place to find out what The Pytheas Group has been up to in the blasting industry, as well we hope that these pages can give you an idea of the capabilities of our service, as well as our equipment.

Number of Projects per Category
  • Anti Fouling Removal (10)
  • Antique and Historical Restorations (6)
  • Automotive (14)
  • Cement Removal (4)
  • Graffiti Removal (2)
  • In House & Miscellaneous (16)
  • Industrial Restorations (5)
  • Paint / Whitewash / Varnish Removal (8)
  • Residential & Commercial Restorations (4)
  • Rust Removal (10)
  • Wood & Furniture Restoration (3)

Project Categories

Ιούλιος - 2012

Graffiti Removal and Anti-Graffiti Protection on Ethiniki Bank A225

Ethniki bank in Patras, Greece has been the target of graffiti for years ranging from political statements, football fandom remarks, or just intelligible graffiti scribbles. Throughout the years Ethniki Bank has made many attempts…

Αύγουστος - 2011

Removal of Dirt and Soot from a Wooden Ceiling

Even though Pine is a very soft wood we removed the soot and dirt without causing any surface markings. We used the material/media GL30 and the Norexco Mini Max.

Ιούνιος - 2011

Removal of white wash from stone walls of a house

We removed over 50 meters worth of white wash! Bringing the stones natural beauty to the surface.

Μάρτιος - 2009

Removal of rust stains, mold and dirt from cement

It took only 5 minutes to remove rust, debris and dirt. Our customer was very happy!

Project Categories