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    Adonis A. Tyrosvoutis

    He prides himself in Managing over thirty people in a labor intensive Industry. He has good computer skills, and he loves to sail and travel.Tony is 58 a dual Greek and US citizen who has lived and worked in the Silicon Valley, SF bay area for thirty years. In1973 he Graduated from the "Central School of London" with a degree in Business Management and Marketing. He followed this with studying from 1973 to 1976 at HEALD's engineering college in San Francisco. In 1977 he served the Greek Military as a graphics and aerial photographer. Afterward, he spent a year in Greece setting up a promotional company and sold it for profit. In 1979 he established Anchor Auto Body as the owner and manager in Sunnyvale, CA - His Auto Industry Certifications include: All ASE and I-CAR Certifications. US Masters of Auto Management certification. Column

    Christos P. Togias

    Christos has a Master's degree in Aviation Safety-Accident Investigation as well as a Bachelor's degree in Aviation Management-Marketing from SIUC. He is a Flight Instructor and a Commercial Pilot with a Boeing 737 type rating. He has worked for some years in US as a flight instructor and manager of various Illinois' Flight schools. In Greece he worked as an Airline Pilot for Aegean Airlines. He joined Pytheas Group in 2006 after his last position at Aegean Airlines. He is a highly technical person, both in the cockpit and out. Christos is very sociable and exhibits exceptional communications skills and a friendly personality.Christos is 40 years of age and due to his our energized and charismatic, is our front man for sales and marketing. He speaks fluent Greek and English as well as Spanish. While living in the USA for many years, he studied various management, marketing and aviation Subjects and coursework.

    Dimitri A Tyrosvoutis

    Dimitri, a 29 year-old dual citizen fluent in Greek and English, has a unique background combining extensive technical field experience in the cement industry with a higher level education in the humanities. He graduated from University of California at Santa Cruz in 2006 with a double-major Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy and Pre-Early Modern Literature. Immediately after graduation he was offered a job at the CEMEX owned Davenport Cement Plant where he worked for three years as a Kiln Assistant and Control Room Operator. Dimitri uses his experience in industry to spearhead the research that Pytheas Group conducts regarding viability of new blasting methods, new blasting media, and new accessories and tools that complement our blasting packages. In particular he is working closely with our affiliate EuroGrit, conducting feasibility research for our market regarding the many different kinds of media that EuroGrit provides. In addition he is active in streamlining the estimating process and is the primary contact for Pytheas Group's English speaking clientele.

    Faez Husein

    Faez is our Civil Engineering consultant. Born in Kuwait, Faez possesses dual citizenship with Greece and has lived here for many years. He is fluent in Greek, English and Arabic. His work experience over the past decade spans over dozens of engineering projects for the University of Patras and the local governments of municipalities such as Kalavryta, Aegon, Giannina, Thessaloniki, Veria and more. Performing geotechnical site investigation for jobsites such as national roadways, parking structures, landslide and retaining walls, construction and restoration of schools means Faez has a great knowledge of how government construction projects work, thus Faez gives Pytheas Group the engineering and political edge that we need to operate in Greece. While he owns his own Civil Engineering office, in recent months he has also been focused on securing restoration projects from the Greek Archaeological Society for Pytheas GroupDD_CONTENT_HERE

    Antonia Koutsidou

    Antonia has a bachelor degree in civil and environmental engineering from the Heriot Watt University of Edinburgh, a Master degree of Environmental Engineer form the Polytechnic of Dimokritos University of Thrace. As an independent contractor and a Member of the Greek Chamber of Commerce, she oversees many projects around Greece and follows all prudent industry seminars in Greece and abroad. Her contribution to Pytheas Group is immense in helping us and our clients comply with local environmental laws.

    Besnic Maksuti

    (Fotis ) is 26 years old bilingual (Greek / Albanian) and has been with Pytheas Group from its inception as a full time employee. He is loyal, intuitive and reliable. Always ready to travel any time, anywhere; he is the "gun" that demonstrates our systems.