We are Sandblasting Experts

The Pytheas Group are surface preparation and sandblasting experts. We deal with surface preparation, protective coatings, surface restoration, and anti graffiti technologies for any size of project.

Our Product Lines

We also stock and sell many lines of surface preparation equipment, such as sandblasting systems from Norexco and The Farrow System, abrasives from Eurogrit / Sibelco, Anti-graffiti and surface protection by Gratch and air compressors by Rotair.

Sandblasting Supplies & Equipment Sales

Pytheas Group carries a large line of best in class equipment from hand picked manufactures throughout Europe & USA. Soon our product catalog will be available online via our Sandblasting Supplies.EU website.

Tight Adherence to Industry Standards

By constantly improving our methodologies in accordance with worldwide standards, The Pytheas Group is one of most respected surface preparation and surface repair firms in the market. No matter what surface preparation standards you need to adhere to, Pytheas Group has you covered. The Pytheas Group participates in the training and research of the specific requirements for the worlds standards for surface preparation and can meet or exceed all of your requirements and specifications!


Full Range of Capabilities

With the latest in portable equipment, training and experience in the field, we provide blasting services ranging from small boats to large vessels, industrial machinery, furniture, graffiti removal, and municipality projects such as historical renovations, landmark maintenance and road / bridge upkeep. For our in-house projects, our facilities are fully equipped with forklifts, loading ramps, a hoist, and plenty of storage to take on a variety of projects large or small. From furniture to oil platforms, The Pytheas Group has you covered.

What services do we offer?

Along with doing onsite/offsite sandblasting service on a variety of surfaces. We also stock many types of abrasives, contract out our expertise and advice, and can procure specialized equipement.


  • Anti Fouling Removal / Marine Surface Preparation

    Our Marine and Anti Fouling removal service is our flagship service!

    We restore your vessels bottom, easily and safely. 

    Our Anti-fouling removal service can remove anti-fouling and debris from from:

    • Fiberglass
    • Aluminum
    • Steel
    • Concrete
    • Wooden

    Additionally our marine service includes:

    • Surface Preparation of Buoys and Flotillas
    • Maintenance & surface preparation for Offshore Rigs
    • Industrial / Commercial fishing equipment maintenence
    • Any other marine related resurfacing need!
    The Pytheas Group is proud to use The Farrow System® for all of our marine sandblasting needs!

    Click Here for Anti Fouling Removal Gallery

  • Graffiti Removal & Anti Graffiti Protection

    We are experienced in removal and protection of many different surfaces from graffiti. Additionally, we back our removal services with a line of products from Gratch International to protect the surface from further damage and graffiti.
  • Sand Blasting Equipment Sales & Rentals

    The Pytheas Group carries a large line of equipment for sandblasting and related products. Additionally, we have a line of equipment for various job types available for rental, both by the day, and by the week.
  • Historical & Archeological Restorations

  • Winery Maintence

  • Stonework Restoration & Whitewash Removal

    • Restoration of Stone Façades of Homes and Historical Buildings
    • Storefront restoration of tile, marble, and brick surfaces.
    • Graffiti and chewing gum removal.

    Click Here for Residential/Commercial Project Gallery